The Best Time of Year to Build

You don’t need to be an economist to understand some of the basics of the law of supply and demand. On February 14th, we all know that we’re going to pay $20 for a small heart-shaped box of chocolates. Likewise, we know that that same box will cost next to nothing the following morning. Supply and demand. The construction industry works very much the same way.

As San Diegans, it’s almost comical how often we use the phrase, “the rainy season” as the summer months come to a close and we approach the holidays. It’s amazing how many homeowners avoid this time of year from October through December to build. Contrary to popular belief though, this is when contractors are the slowest, and in-tern, the least expensive.

Aside from having the occasional wet days, it is also a factor that no one wants to have their home being remodeled while there’s a turkey on the platter and guests at the table. Completely understood. However, that aside, the holiday season still is the time of year when contractors are the least busy and the least expensive for those homeowner who maybe want to go on a Thanksgiving cruise or spend Christmas at the in-laws.

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