How to Install A Screen Door in your San Diego Remodel

Home owners may not notice deterioration until, one day, their attention is drawn to a screen door that sticks or appears battered from years of weathering. Maybe you tried to open the door on a stormy day, only to have the wind grab the screen door and damage it. You might be planning a San Diego residential remodel or are forced to it by nasty weather. Whatever the reason for a residential remodel San Diego, at some point, home owners need to replace the screen doors on the house.


There are any number of factors to take into consideration when replacing a screen door for a San Diego residential remodel. Consider complementing the style of the home. If the home is contemporary in design, a Gothic style door may not look quite right.

Right, Left

Doors open either right or left. Make sure the door purchased will set up to open the same way the inside door opens. You do not want one door opening left and the next opening to the right. Also check door handles. Make sure the handle and hardware on the screen door works with the other door. You do not want handles to hook up by accident, keeping both doors from functioning properly.

Size Matters

Measure the size of the frame that houses the screen door. Measure once and again. Make sure to purchase the correct size for your home both in height and width. Measure distance between the screen and inside door. A door that does not fit correctly, may allow rain and an assortment of creatures to get passed that screen door and into your home. Set the door in the frame before installing it to make doubly sure it fits.


Don’t guesstimate where holes are to be drilled. Make sure to check, double check and mark where those holes are supposed to go. Holes drilled in the wrong places not only keep the screen door from hanging properly, but also requires filling and extra work to repair the situation. Holes not drilled correctly also appear unsightly.

Safety Chains

Safety chains keep the door from being flung back by a child in a hurry or the wind. This may cause the door to overextend or break the door or frame. Make sure to install safety hardware to protect the door.


It takes some knowledge of tools and carpentry to install a door for a residential remodel San Diego. When in doubt–hire a professional one of many general contractors San Diego.

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