Home Remodeling Design Intervention- When to Call for Help

When thinking about adding a room to your home, you may already have some ideas as to what this room may look like, where the windows should go, and what the dimensions should be. And you know that in order to expand your home, you will need to hire a skilled home remodeling San Diego contractor who can turn your room addition idea into reality. Okay, so that’s all a given, but what about design?

Sure you can brainstorm, visualize your ideal look, and even sketch a room design layout using graph paper and a pencil. You can even pick a style by doing some research and looking at images. Should this be a loft, a cottage or a cozy-nook?


Are you going too far before consulting a designer and learning what’s possible?

While we understand that generating ideas as to what your home expansion should be like is a very exciting process, we strongly recommend that you talk to a home remodeling designer early on because you don’t want to get stuck on something that may not be possible in the end. Talking to a designer first will help you learn what may and may not work.

After taking a tour of your home, a San Diego room additions designer can talk to you about the size, dimensions, style and even brightness of your envisioned room, kitchen and/or bathroom. In the next step, our room additions designer will invite you to our office where you will be able to visually see all of the ideas you discussed previously. Our state-of-the-art computer design service gives you a preview of what the final outcome will be like, and we can use it to manipulate and tweak any part of the layout.

Working with our in-house designer hand-in-hand truly gives you the opportunity to express your wishes, work out all of the details that may seem minor at first, but aren’t, and get the design you want while not going over your allocated budget.

Using our in-house designer for your home expansion has countless advantages, the most important being that your home is going to be remodeled by individuals who have access to your design as well as the designer who can oversee the project, thereby ensuring maximum accuracy and precision during the building process. In fact, understanding the home remodeling design is essential to delivering the best outcome.

Let’s review the benefits of hiring a design-build company like Budget-It:

  • Your design is done in-house and it’s complimentary.
  • Construction plans and permits are handled by us based on design we can easily access
  • You and our construction workers have the opportunity to closely work with the designer on a daily basis, if necessary.
  • Easy implementation of last-minute changes to your design, if needed.

So, before you get carried away with graphs, intricate design ideas, colors, windows, walls, floor additions and so on, please call us first. Having a designer by your side during the creative process is extremely useful, it will save you time and you can brainstorm alongside an expert who know what is and isn’t possible.

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